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IP6 Gold® is the original proven formula of IP-6 (Inositol Hexaphosphate) plus Inositol.  This new option has NO ADDED ingredients, just IP-6 (from Calcium Magnesium Phytate) and Myo-Inositol extracted from rice bran. Add to your favorite juice, or water with lemon or orange work well.  We don't recommend adding it to a protein shake because it will reduce the amount available.


SKU: 33083
  • Ingredients: IP-6 (from Calcium Magnesium Phytate) and Myo-Inositol. Each scoop contains 3.2 gm IP-6 and 880 mg Inositol.

    Suggested Use:  Mix one scoop of powder in water or juice twice a day on an empty stomach.  The naturally occurring minerals may inhibit dissolution.  Adding lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to the water will help.  To receive the full benefit, it is not recommended mixing in protein smoothie or a drink with high fiber.

    One scoop of IP6 Gold Powder equals 8 IP6 Gold capsules.

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