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IP-6 International's Story

Who are we?

IP-6 International, Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of IP6 Gold® and Red Yeast Rice Gold®. It was founded in 2002 because we believed in the value of IP-6 and Inositol to enhance people's lives. Over the years, we have supported, donated, and collaborated with multiple research projects.  Our products are distributed world-wide including Croatia, Malaysia, Spain, Serbia, and United Kingdom.

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IP6 Gold® and Red Yeast Rice Gold® are made from pure and clean raw materials. Both products are Non-GMO Project Verified and our Red Yeast Rice is Certified Organic by Quality Certification Services. We are committed to the finest ingredients and good manufacturing practices. As a result, we insist that our suppliers and manufacturing partners provide clear information and feedback on every detail of the process. We manufacture our products to the highest standards since we ourselves, our families, and friends rely on and consume these products daily. There is nothing to hide. What you see on the label is what you get. No hidden fillers or flow agents are ever added.

We have taken a position not to use common manufacturing ingredients such as: magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, sorbitol, mannitol, or other sugar alcohols. These additives are unnecessary and commonly used in other IP-6 formulas.

IP6 International quality at every step of manufacturing
IP6 Inositol made from rice bran


Our IP-6 & Inositol products are derived from rice bran, a carbon neutral resource. The production factory employs recycling-oriented manufacturing practices that lessen the impact on the environment. The factory itself contributes to reducing CO2 emissions that further reduce the impact on the environment. Employing the Zero Emission Challenge, maximum effort is being made to utilize industrial discharge as a heat source of the factory. The organic Red Yeast Rice contained in our products is also a renewable carbon neutral resource. We are mindful of the importance and responsibility we all have in stewarding our environment. We are always alert for new impactful ways to protect our planet.



We have a bold vision for how to advance the impact of our current and future products on human and pet health. Passion moves us toward that vision to influence collaborative research, development, and open minds as to what is possible with unique nutrients. We believe nature holds some powerful synergies between select nutrients that will have a profound effect on even the most critical health challenges. Our global presence allows us to continually develop important relationships with scientists, researchers, and organizations to make this vision a reality.

Our mindset: CANI: Constant And Never-ending Improvement!


This is where IP6 Gold® stands out from other IP-6 products. First, we begin with the finest raw materials extracted from non-GMO rice bran. Keep in mind that any plant grown in typical soil is subject to its environment regarding nutrients, minerals, and heavy metals. Because of this, multiple tests are performed to verify purity, potency, nutrients, minerals, heavy metals and contaminates. These tests along with others are performed before, during and after the manufacturing process to ensure our product meets all our standards.

The level of purity in IP-6 raw material can vary greatly depending how it is manufactured and the intended use. Purity of the IP-6 can affect how well it is absorbed and utilized in the body. Sadly, companies settle for lower purity rates to save on costs. We set the highest standards for utilizing the highest purity available and will never deviate from that.

Once the IP-6 & Inositol arrive in the US, the ingredients are again tested and verified to meet exacting standards. Our cGMP manufacturing facility is certified by several quality organizations including NSF and Quality Certification Services.

Even though we set the highest standards for raw materials, formulations, and manufacturing processes, we continue to utilize third party labs to validate our products regularly. Even to the point of having a lab analyze some of our capsules that were 7 years old. To our surprise the test results indicated purity, potency, and microbial levels, well within a safe and effective range!

Having a great quality product is one thing...having superior quality and amazing results is another. This is why IP6 Gold® has become the brand consumers and practitioners trust worldwide.

GMP facility
IP6 Gold capsules
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