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We get asked regularly how this amazing product IP6 Gold got started 20 years ago. Here’s the backstory:


In 1994, company President Tom Sokoloff purchased a small existing health food store in Palm Bay, FL. Later that year the store was renamed Paradise Health & Nutrition (PH&N). This is the same year that Congress passed a bill call DSHEA: The Dietary Health & Education Act.  The act essentially classified the dietary supplement industry as food supplements and provided the FDA guidelines on regulations.  This act gave the retailers and practitioners greater freedom to “educate” consumers and patients about the benefits of dietary supplements.  The Paradise stores quickly grew into a dynamic three-store chain. 


During the early years of PH&N, Mr. Sokoloff pushed himself to learn all he could about the various nutrients, herbs and homeopathy that were available. This process included attending 4-6 seminars a year taught by highly respected doctors and practitioners that incorporated dietary supplements into their own practices. A growing library of new books that were coming out became a staple for educating customers. As the business at PH&N grew, he began to offer local seminars and book signings from respected doctors and practitioners.  Mr. Sokoloff then launched his own radio talk show called “Good News Naturally” that ran from 1998 - 2016. 


In March of 1998 at Expo West in Anaheim, CA, Mr. Sokoloff attended a lecture and book launch entitled IP6 Nature’s Revolutionary Cancer Fighter.  Having lost his own father to prostate cancer at an early age, this was a topic that hit close to home.  “I remember when I first heard about this lecture and new book.  I knew it was important to attend so much so that I arrived early and took a seat on the front row.” 


During the lecture, speaker and author, Dr. AKM Shamsuddin, MD, PhD presented detailed research on the history and application of the combination of IP6 & Inositol on cellular health mechanisms in a clinical setting. It was fascinating to say the least that two nutrients derived from something as simple as rice bran could produce such amazing results! 

 Armed with the information and copies of the new book, Sokoloff went to work to fully understand how to educate his customers and encourage them to incorporate this new product in their daily regime. 


One of the beautiful things about the natural products industry was the hundreds of customers each day that were happy to share which products were working or not. “In essence, we had a front row seat to watch how our customers’ lives were improving as they incorporated the use of various nutrients along with diet and lifestyle changes. The benefit of this experience was far better than any academic education I could have been chasing!”


As this new patented product, IP6 & Inositol that Dr. Shamsuddin researched, was introduced, and utilized by the Paradise customers, it quickly became obvious that this product provided very powerful results.  It wasn’t long until the product developed an enthusiastic following primarily based on the testimonies and word of mouth. Countless times customer comments were, “My doctor said he doesn’t know what I’m doing, but whatever it is keep doing it!” 


Over the next few years, a professional relationship developed between Mr. Sokoloff and Dr. Shamsuddin as they crossed paths at seminars and speaking events. Dr. Shamsuddin was very interested in collecting feedback from retailers.  In 2002, Dr. Shamsuddin began to share his displeasure with the company that was manufacturing IP6 & Inositol. At the same time Sokoloff shared his concerns about the powdered drink mix formula. It was during this conversation that Dr. Shamsuddin asked, “Why don’t you consider making your own IP6 & Inositol product and incorporate the changes you know that are very much needed?” 


So it began, Mr. Sokoloff went to work with natural product formulators that understood what it meant to develop a truly pure and clean product without questionable excipients or sweeteners.  These early IP6 & Inositol capsule and drink mix powder formulas quickly evolved into the IP6 Gold products that practitioners and consumers utilize worldwide today. 


November 2022 was our 20th Anniversary at IP-6 International! 

How is it that we’ve achieved this milestone in a very competitive industry? 

Very simple…IP6 Gold delivers consistent, amazing results!! 

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